Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 1-3

This is going to be quite the challenge, a half marathon, since i've never done anything of the sort.  Mind you, I am only walking.  They always say you should start out small and work you way up, really???  - everyone that knows me knows I start at the top, so why start with 5K, lets just go for 13.1 miles - and die at the end.  

No seriously, if there was a 5K to chose from, I would have signed up gladly. Trust me, 13.1 miles is scaring the bejesus out of me and i am only walking.  I have 8 months to get in shape.  My plan is to walk three times a week upping the anti every 3 weeks.  

I will be posting my progress here  - so come back and cheer me on!  I am going to need it.

Week 1:

April 7th 
Miles: 1.20
Time: 19:23; Pace 16 min per mile

April 9
Miles: 1.23
Time: 17:26; Pace 14 min per mile

April 11
Time 16:37; Pace 13 min per mile

This is where I want to be - 13 min miles, now to maintain it for 13.1 miles.  


  1. Support your effort, 4/15 I goto Concord orthopaedic for knee issues. But when I lived on Captiva there was a 5k in connection with the Edison light parade, did you miss that?

    1. This will be my first event. Possibly after I get through this I will look into other events.

  2. I know your determination and am supporting you in this challenge. Go baby go!!!!!